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What Readers Are Saying

"...I'm definitely amazed after reading this book about all the different things that I learned. I never really understood a lot of science before but now that I have read it I am aware of a lot of scientific processes...."


"...a book that allows the average person to understand more about science and the way things work than they are likely to from usual sources. This book can definitely help you change your life for the better without making you crazy about it...."

"...Just read your book!!!  It's the best book on Law of Attraction I've ever read!!  And I have a book shelf of them!  Will be buying some for family and friends.  Thank you!..."

LOUISE, 3/1/2013

"...Really nice to meet you and know that you already know what we're doing in S. Korea kindly. Happy you are glad to see us with your great book. we are big fans of you ...."

"...Kolie Crutcher's Electric Living is a brilliant work. Kolie succeeded not only in looking at the Law of Attraction from a purely scientific point of view, but also in delivering a highly complex subject matter in a format that makes it really exciting to read..."


"...It's hard to believe a book can have all five-star reviews but this book absolutely deserves it.  Kolie is not only a very clear thinker and writer, he uses his electrical engineering background to explain the reasons by the law of attraction works.  This is an excellent, excellent book and deserves a wide audience...."

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