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In the 1980s, “Freeway” Ricky Ross rose to power as the most notorious crack cocaine dealer in United States history. During the height of his reign, Ross was making $2-3 million per day, as he trafficked untold kilograms—keys—of cocaine all across the nation. But after being set up by his Nicaraguan connect and the United States CIA, Ross was sentenced to life in federal prison.


Today, Ross is a free man. And once again, he is pushing keys—keys of success. In THE 21 KEYS OF SUCCESS, award-winning writer Kolie Crutcher details the 21 success principles—the 21 keys—he witnessed the former kingpin use daily while “ridin’ with Rick” around Los Angeles over the course of several months. These keys not only made Rick Ross a fortune of over $600 million, but they ultimately overturned his life sentence and freed him from prison. And now, these 21 keys are available to you.

So whether you are a street hustler on the corner, or a “legit” businessperson in the corner office, the 21 Keys work universally for all striving to overcome life’s adversities and live the life you want. After "ridin' with Rick", you will understand how to turn failure into fame, poverty into plenty, and setbacks into success!

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