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Success is the result of your own mindset—HOW and WHY the Law of Attraction works…

We are the makers of ourselves--knowingly or unknowingly. Within us is an unseen calculated process--an attraction mechanism--at work. When we learn to "see" the attraction force of this mechanism, we can then use our conscious view of this invisible force to direct our THINKING so as to "attract" the life we want. In Mechanism of Success, the author of the runaway bestseller Electric Living: The Science Behind the Law of Attraction provides a clear and concise way to ATTRACT exactly what YOU want.

Be it finding your calling, having happy and successful relationships or living the life you were destined to enjoy--from the schoolroom to the boardroom to the bedroom--success, fame and fortune is within YOUR control, the result of your own mindset.

The heart of this book is about becoming successful, and the master of the law of attraction principles, Kolie Crutcher, introduces us to a reliable method--a mechanism--by which the things you desire are naturally attained and secured long term.

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