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THE FREEWAY Issue of GET MONEY Magazine features the real "Freeway" Ricky Ross. Ross was the 1980's cocaine kingpin whose notoriety came from flooding Los Angeles (and the United States) with high-quality, low-cost cocaine from his Nicaraguan connections. At the height of Ross' power, he was making $2-3 million per day from the sale of crack cocaine. But after being set up and going to federal prison, Ross later found that he was a pawn in a much bigger game-the Iran-Contra scandal of the Reagan Administration.

Also featured in this issue is a rare interview with Ms. Sharrie Williams-the heiress of the Maybelline empire. Ms. Williams speaks on how her family accumulated its wealth and how small habits developed early can lead to big riches later on.

THE HIP-HOP ROYALTY Issue of GET MONEY Magazine features Diggy Simmons. The nephew of music mogul Russell Simmons and son of Rev Run from the legendary rap group Run DMC, Diggy is familiar with success. Simmons speaks on the keys to his future achievements and what it means to be part of hip-hop royalty. 

Also featured in this issue are two of the most candid articles ever written about money-The 7 Laws of Money and The First Million. Both articles were written by founder Kolie Crutcher before his current success and give rare insight to the real things millionaires do before they become rich. A must-read for any young person seeking to become financially independent.

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